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Turning the Corner

The Underriner project is an excellent example of working with an existing but challenging footprint. 

In West Linn, many of the homes were built in the 80s and 90s so a common remodel removes the oversized soaking tubs that appeared in master bedrooms during those decades.  While the tubs are rarely used and often have broken jets or yellowing plastic, they can add a layer of complexity to a remodel because of the  impact such a large fixture makes in the space.  In this case, it was decided to replace the awkward corner tub with a longer, straight tub that would allow for a more comfortable bathing experience and leave room for an extra vanity.


They took the opportunity to replace the glass shower wall with a tall half wall allowed for privacy while being in the shower without needing a privacy shade over the window.

Keeping the unusual vanity configuration, which was a very workable solution to the space, allowed the plumbing to stay where it was previously located but replacing the full wall vanity mirrors with more modern framed mirrors freshened the look.

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