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New Construction &  Additions

Garage conversions, mother-in-law units, or adding a second story are all potentials for expanding your home.  Large projects such as additions and new construction requires both an understanding of the buildings systems as a whole and an eye to the finishing details.  We pride ourselves on having both. 

Remodeling & Renovation

Twenty five years of experience means that we have renovated every room of the home.  Kitchens, living rooms, master Suites.  While each new project is unique, we move forward having done each piece before.​ 


Kitchens are well known to be the heart-of-the-home and they shape the lives of your family.  If it's a complete overhaul with custom cabinetry and a designer or a small facelift by painting the existing cabinets and installing new laminate countertop we are happy to help you make the most of the space you have.


An updated bathroom can introduce that feeling of luxury into your day.  Even a minor remodel replacing older finishes can make a significant change to the feel of the space.  Of course, a major remodel adding a soaking tub, skylights and a steam shower is always nice too.

Custom & Specialty Work

We work with craftsmen at their finest.  Many projects include one small feature that needs to be handled flawlessly.  Brickwork, spiral staircases, metal accents.  Even difficult details are smoothly executed.​

Handyman Services

It can be difficult to find a contractor for those 'small' projects but Keyser Construction is happy to help!  Putting up christmas lights, cleaning gutters, home maintenance & repairs, we are happy to help keep your home in top condition.

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