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Black is Back

Murrayhill, one of the amazing communities just outside of Portland, Oregon, was the location of one of my favorite kitchen remodels. 

While reworking the layout, a dropped ceiling was removed  to allow the new custom cabinetry to take full advantage of the available ceiling height.  That cabinetry was a very decisive black and contrasts beautifully with the light walls granite countertops.  The darkness of the cabinets is punctuated with strategic frosted glass upper doors along the inner wall.


The window behind the kitchen sink drops low to meet the countertop, bringing a ton of natural light across the sink and farther into the kitchen.  It also highlights the commercial style faucet with pull down sprayer.

The extra large island has one large granite piece for the countertop with useable storage on both sides and a book shelf built into the end that faces the dining room.  It's a great place to store cookbooks and have other items on display.

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