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At the beginning of 2020, no one could have anticipated the ripples of the Novel Coronavirus on the horizon would become a tusnami.   Schools of all types, retail and service business have been closed, many states are under direction to avoid travel and socialization.  In the middle of all of this, the field of construction has been exempt from the shut-down.  The governor, and we believe rightly so, has seen that many of the projects and tasks that contractors do are essential and can be done safely with precautions.  


For Keyser Construction, I want to take the time to reassure our clients that while we are hard at work, it's not quite business as usual.  With the new reality of Covid-19 we are working to develop and maintain best practices for working safely.  OSHA, the oversight authority for safety in construction, is actively working on creating new standards for the industry.

All contractors are familiar with using masks and other types of safety equipment in our daily routine and we are making more use of them than ever. This includes the use of face masks while doing a task that requires shared space, practicing social distancing when the task does not, avoiding car-pooling, etc.  Masks, hand sanitizer, disposable towels are kept in the vehicles to provide access at every job site. Our employees do not work when ill and are encouraged to be as proactive as possible in finding ways to avoid exposure.  For administration,  we are doing more meetings remotely using Facetime and Skype, limiting group meetings and using email more often for clarification.

Together, we can protect all of us.

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