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Good Bones,

Great Bath

When the Woods decided to remodel they decided to forego a designer and work it through themselves, to wonderful results.

While each of the different aspects of the bath have been updated they were able to leave the plumbing in essentially the same location.  They upgraded the bathtub from a tiled in jetted tub to a free standing soaking tub, drastically changing the styling of the room, but left it in the same location which cut remodeling costs dramatically.  They did the same with the other fixtures, changing style but not position in the room.

The shower's side wall was removed and replaced with a frameless shower surround, opening up the room and increasing the usable space on the interior.  The extra space allows for the coveted dual shower set and a more complicated tile pattern to really show off the natural marble tile.

Luxury items add to the sense of modern serenity with a heated towel rack within easy reach of the bathtub, unusual LED lighting and hidden under the floor, electric in-floor heat.  West Linn, Oregon is a great place to spend a little extra money on those extra touches and still get a good return for resale.  

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