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Island of Contrast

Located in Beaverton, on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, this large kitchen remodel started with repairing the existing floor by weaving in new oak where necessary and then refinishing for a seamless integration.

The kitchen was large enough to contain a large island, small dining table, significant counter space and large custom pantry cabinets.

Custom stacked white cabinets rise to the ceiling contrasting neatly with the dark stained finish of the large island in the center of the room.  The cabinets feature an enclosed fridge, glass uppers, an island bookshelf and a counter height overhang on the back of the island for seating.

The large scale subway tile creates an unusual and eye catching backsplash that continues beneath the window and around the perimeter. The bay window itself was part of the remodel, creating depth behind the sink and allowing  the countertop to form the base of the window without a change in height.

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